This is the list of tools we use when dealing with REST APIs and we refer to some of them in this documentation. You are free to use whatever you are comfortable with:

  • CURL: command line tool and library for transferring data with URLs. Our Swiss Army knife for REST interaction - for scripts and the command line (not for the faint of heart)
  • jq: Command line tool process JSON back and forth. Works nicely with CURL
  • Postman: Cross platform tool to interact with REST resources. Less scary than CURL and very powerful when testing APIs. We provide sample collections for it, for you to try
  • CharlesProxy: HTTP(S) proxy to debug what is bugging you. Especially helpful when your client isn’t a browser
  • Mockaroo: Online tool to generate sample data
  • Let’s Encrypt: free SSL certificates
  • SourceTree for GIT for Version Control

Developer Tools

When you want to contribute or extend KEEP, there’s a few more tools you want to have a look at:

Check the details to setup the development environment